About Kenya Marketplace


Finding a reliable online store has never been easy. Many of small business use social media to market their products on other expensive online shops. The problem with social media is that you post an item when your friends least need it making it hard for them to respond. Kenya Marketplace was developed with an aim of bridging the gap between the social media and a professional web store.

Think of a customer who searches on the google because he needs an item. It is Difficult to find your Facebook /whats-app update on this search.

With a great search engine optimization, fast loading speed and universal access. Kenya Marketplace will be your best option to create a store for your business at no cost.

How it Works

Create Account

Create a free Acount that will allow you to have your own custom store page with details and chat page

Post your Ad

Post your products and service to your store so that customers can find them. You can as well share to your social media

Get Offers

Get offer from interested customers from across the country. Also promote your products by sharing on social media

Sell Your Item

Let customers buy your Products and services, you can negotiate directly from the website or on your whatsapp page

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